We’re seeing Australian builders collapsing regularly. Only last week PBS went under with millions still owed to contractors and workers. But we haven’t heard a peep from the FWO. Either the FWO doesn’t care or they don’t have the power to act – neither is good enough and workers and businesses in the construction industry are suffering as a result. There is no federal government agency there to support small business and workers when these catastrophic corporate failures occur.


  • At least two major builders (EQ Constructions and PBS Building) have gone under since the FWO assumed the responsibilities of the ABCC
  • Contractors and workers are owed at least $75 million
  • When subcontracting business aren’t paid due to builders bad payment terms or their collapse one of the first victims is workers wages and entitlements
  • The Federal Government/FWO ought to do something to safeguard payments in the industry rather remain complicit through silence and inaction
  • The 2017 Murray Review recommended harmonised national security of payments laws that give subcontractors and workers the real prospect of getting money owed to them
  • Independent Senator David Pocock backs the CFMEU’s calls for the federal government to implement the recommendations of the review including creating statutory trusts which would make it easier for money to be recovered when companies collapse